The Outhouse Florist

Hi, I'm Grace! 
I'm a 28 year old florist based in Sale, Manchester. I work from a little building we like to call The Outhouse, which is actually in my Nanny & Poppa's garden. They have kindly let me transform it into my own studio!
I've been a florist for over 10 years, I started helping my mum out in her own shop when I was in college. I slowly realised that flowers are my thing, I didn't want to do anything else. Creating every day with different colours, styles and flower varieties is something I'll never grow tired of.
I learn something new every day, which is why I love my job so much. No day is ever the same and always keeps you on your toes. I am constantly creating, planning & thinking of new ideas to keep things interesting for my customers and myself.
We recently celebrated The Outhouse's 2nd birthday and hope there is many more to come!